Repair and Replacement

The UPS battery is the most crucial piece of the entire system.

The battery backup is the most vulnerable part of any UPS system, regardless of the capacity, topology or brand. The battery is the heart of the UPS in terms of reliability.

Understanding the causes of degradation of the battery and taking notice of the ways to prevent this degradation and maintain the UPS battery is fundamental to ensure maximum system uptime and keep your critical systems operating continuously.

Support services

Replacement support

GDF Technologies offers support services on all major systems of battery manufacturers. We perform complete tests on charge and discharge performance.

Battery replacement support services and UPS offered:

  • Emergency repair
  • Preventive Maintenance Agreement
  • Expert Diagnostic Service
  • Remote Battery Monitoring
  • Repair Shop
  • Rack
  • Battery Drawers
  • Battery Cabinets
  • Performance Test
  • Checking tension

Our philosophy

GDF Technologies

Our philosophy for the maintenance and replacement of the UPS battery is designed to detect and correct potential problems before they become harmful and they cause the system to fail and jeopardize your critical systems. Over 90% of failures connected to the inverter are caused by an error of the battery. Thus, during the inspection of the UPS batteries we look for leaks, cracks and sulfation, to name a few common problems. The temperature, voltage, impedance and capacity are measured, monitored and analyzed.