Our company

GDF Technologies

Founded in 2012, GDF Technologies is a company specializing in power protection infrastructure that offers unique turn-key solutions to customers operating activities which require continuous availability to their critical systems.

The company carries out careful planning and designs customized solutions for data centers and other technology environments that promote the elimination of the risk of server failures, the loss of critical data and production.


Advanced equipment

Space optimization

GDF Technologies offers power protection solutions that offer space optimization through advanced equipment and effective management of your facilities.

Experts from GDF Technologies are able to advise you every step of the development of your equipment and electrical protection for your IT environment.


Our mission

GDF Technologies

Our mission is to help our customers understand the different decisions to make when it comes to choosing the purchase, replacement, installation, operation, management, maintenance and recycling of their equipment and their power protection systems (ASSC-UPS). We strive to satisfy the specific needs of each individual client, as well as the needs of the critical systems that must be protected.

Products and services

Protection systems

Our team of experts have worked in the industry for many years and are also experienced in several related fields (data centers, IT, logistics, power and of course, the electrical protection for equipment ASSC- UPS and critical environment).

GDF Technologies has the know-how and expertise to provide you with products and services corresponding to your needs, well beyond the popular power protection systems. Our network of professional partners enables us to offer an integration of architecture, engineering, maintenance and management of your UPS and UPS solutions.


Our technicians

Available 24/7

Management and delivery of services GDF offers a service and installation of the equipment in accordance with your schedule. Our technicians are trained and available 24/7 for installation, maintenance, or any other service on site or in our workshop.

In addition, we offer full service contracts and extended warranties tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. We have a service center with a repair shop that is available at any time to meet your needs as well as a dedicated team to support you towards the best solution for you and your enterprise.