Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Power protection solution

Racks and Accessories

Numerous Accessories for multiple applications

Baies spécialisées
Specialized Bays
Computer racks designed for specific environments and applications


Baies à cadre ouvert

Open frame windows
Racks open for easy access to IT equipment and cabling.


NetShelter CX
NetShelter CX
A soundproofed server room in a box that allows you to deploy your data when and where you want to save space, money and time to deployment.


NetShelter SX
NetShelter SX
Computer cabinets rich in features optimized for the InfraStruxure architecture rows, cable management, supply distribution and optimal air circulation.


Composants des baies

Bay Components

Additional components to existing racks to meet changing needs.

Câble de distribution de données
Data distribution cable
Network Cabling rack prefinished, different lengths.

Gestion du câblage
Cable Management
Comprehensive selection of accessories designed to organize power or data cables within a rack environment.


Gestion du débit d'air
Managing airflow
Rack accessories to improve cooling efficiency by preventing air recirculation and reducing the air flow in the bypass duct


Matériel de montage
Mounting Hardware
Mounting accessories to facilitate the installation of IT equipment and secure racks into position.


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