Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Power protection solution

Cooling Systems & Air Distribution

Equipment to allow the proper functioning of your critical systems and protect your assets.

GDF Technologies offers a portfolio of solutions for multiple applications requiring an adequate cooling system to meet the needs of critical IT infrastructure such as network closets, server rooms and various sized data centers. Our solutions are flexible, reliable and allow easy installations that are readily available at all times.

Cooling systems may include monoblock assemblies (pre-assembled) chilled water or central air conditioners. All these devices are also equipped with digital control systems that maintain humidity levels and temperature conditions. We have a range of products to meet your needs and criteria.

Server room conditionners

Uniflair LE - APC

EcoBreeze Air Economizers - APC

Coupled Air Conditioners

InRow Chilled Water Cooling - APC

InRow Direct Expansion - APC

Air Distribution

Rack Air Distribution - APC
Thermal Containment - APC


Chilled water and heat removal

Air Cooled Condensers - APC
Aquaflair AC - APC

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